Pastel by BlackDoe 

BlackDoe is presenting his first solo EP Pastel, after producing major hits for French artists such as Tayc, Dadju or Lefa lately. The EP gathers several artists from the Korean scene. An artistic choice driven by a trip to South Korea Pastel resulting in an EP combining a synergie between the musical universes of France and Korea.

(@blkdoe photos by @cheb_soso)

Pastel appears as a color palette. From the track Aube 새벽 to the track Lavande 라벤더, sunny and melancholy music tracks succeed eachother. With this colorful and inspired tracklist BlackDoe gradually reveals his two artistic sides: from « groovy/rhythmic » sounds to melodious and disenchanted ones.

By collaborating with Korean artists, BlackDoe wishes to show the great variety and the musical scope of the Korean scene to the French public. The beatmaker highlights the harmonious vibes of the Korean language, which makes it possible feel strong emotions even for those who cannot speak Korean.

Blackdoe wants to bring the French Touch to Korean audiences, incorporating unusual sounds for them like the afro-carribean influences which are not very common over there.