10/02/2021 INTERVIEW

In Conversation with: BlackDoe

BlackDoe just released his first solo EP “Pastel” that is a colaboration between him and several artists from the Korean scene. By merging the best of Frech and Korean music, the artist succeeds in bringing the French Touch to the Korean audience and the Korean scene to the French audience. In an conversation with Copypaste, BlackDoe talks about the challanges he was facing during the creation of the EP, his passion for the Korean scene and the importance of variety when making music. Photos by @cheb_soso

How would you introduce yourself as an artist to someone and how would you describe the essence of your music?

My music is a blend of many influences I grew up with, such as hip-hop, RnB, afro Carribean music, electronic music. I come from the dance scene, I used to make many beats for New style, Popping, and House dancers. My sound is originally based on groovy rhythms, something that makes you want to dance. Also, I’ve always been a fan of film scoring, jazz moods and mesmerizing chords which give you goosebumps. I am trying to mix all these influences into a unique style.

Pastel is your first solo EP. Before you were producing a lot of music for other artists. How does it feel to create your own solo project compared to producing music for other artists?

In fact, I started to make music a while ago by doing music for myself. I have been producing a lot for other artists for only two years. And it is a really cool experience. The difference is, when you work for someone, you need to fit to his/her artistic desire and vision. On the other hand, when you are designing your own EP, you are free to go wherever you want, you are your own artistic director.

Did you encouter any challanges while creating this EP? How did the current crisis with lockdowns and restrictions influence you mentally and your creative work?

Of course. I’ve been thinking about making a project with Korean artist for years. But it was a bit harder than I thought it would. The health situation prevented me to meet the artists I’ve collaborated with, as it was originally planned. The distance sometimes complicates the work process, as well as the language though. But I love challenges, this one was so cool! And I was really lucky of all the efforts the featured artists did to make it happen. I could not help but mentioning them to make sure everyone checks them out: Xydo, oceanfromtheblue, Jeebanoff, CHILDDIAHN, Yella, Kizzy and Chaanill.

Your EP features several artists Korean artists. What do you like about the Korean scene, the music and culture and how does it connect with your music?

The Korean scene is filled by amazing performers, vocalists, producers, dancers… when I went to Seoul in 2018, I was amazed by how good they are. The first thing that stroke me was when I heard some RnB chords progressions in the South Korean radio. I was like ... « damn, it’s bold but so dope !! ». They got such a good musical taste. I directly had ideas in mind on how my music would blend with theirs.

You are known for incorporating the sound of different genres into your music such as rap, hip- hop, pop and R’n’B. How important is variety for your music and especially for your EP and how important is mixing different genres for you and your artisitc vision?

An EP is a really short project. For my debut EP, I wanted to show to the people what drives me and most of my influences. This goes from dancing and funky beats to more melancholic and organic ones. I am mixed: my Dad is Caribbean and my mom is French. I grew up with my mom listening to classical music and my dad to reggae and hip-hop music. The variety of my music starts from here.
In addition to it, the whole project is based on the idea of mixing and blending: mixing cultures, mixing genres, mixing influences.

Do you already have any next projects planned?

Yes I do. I’m already working on it and it is a bit different than the first one. I can’t tell anything more for the moment but I swear you guys won’t be disappointed! For sure it will be related to Korea, no worries.