In Conversation with: GIUDI

“The time when I was writing Icarus I was living one of the hardest periods of my life. I remember I was lying on my bed, crying, feeling enormous pain and emptiness.” On her new single, alt pop artist GIUDI is combining electronic arrangements with the sound of classic instruments such as harps and a piano. With Copypaste, the versatile artist talks about producing music in times of crisis, the importance of visual identity and the new single Icarus. Photography exclusive for Copypaste by Jakub Ra and graphic design by Alessandra Vuillermin.
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How would you describe the essence of your music to someone who has never heard your music before?

The essence of the music has always bits of melancholia and dreamy or ethereal layers. I like to combine vintage and future sounds, which means I love to mix classical instruments recorded live with the human touch with soft or darker electronics.

How important is the visual aspect for you as an artist such as your visual identity and fashion and how does it help you to express who you are as an artist?

The visual aspect is very important part of music for me. It opens up another dimension. I have very “visualization brain”, so I always see the pictures whether I write or I passively listen to the music. It’s just connected for me and so I love to explore visuals of my music.

In times of crisis like now with lockdowns and restrictions, what were the biggest challenges for you as an artist recently?

I think a lot of artists struggle with a working discipline nowadays. As all of us have got more free time, we are home, relaxed and out of the usual flow and the “deadlines” model we were used to, we are maybe not as hard-working as we used to be. At least not me :)) I personally slowed down a bit for a while, but I guess it’s fine and a rest was just needed before the new spring energy comes into my veins. Artists tend to always have big expectations from themselves and being super sensitive it often causes mental health issues. But it’s ok to let yourself just “be” and not to always have huge demands on yourself. It’s ok to take a month or even more out, to re-gather strength. The sun shines after every time it rains and if  I can see the rain as some beautiful part of the nature, I can enjoy the upcoming sunlight way more strongly.

Which songs are currently on your playlist and which other music artists inspire you and your music?

Recently I‘ve loved to listen instrumental music. The latest album I’ve saved on my Spotify playlist was the French Chapelier Fou “Muance”, a remarkable album.  Also my friends Teepee have just released a beautiful and peaceful album ‘Where The Oceans Break” and I also need to mention a very special album of classical composer Karel Havlicek “Spoken”, because it just makes me feel good when I am on my own and wanna go on a deeper emotional ride. I can also reveal we are preparing a collaboration with Karel.

If you could fill a billboard in the middle of a city with any slogan or message for the people, what would it be?

Alienation with empathy <3

Your new single Icarus” is about loss and pain. How does creating music help you to deal with negative emotions?

Oh well, a lot. The time when I was writing Icarus I was living one of the hardest periods of my life. I remember I was lying on my bed, crying, feeling enormous pain and emptiness… I took my guitar and I wrote this song. I felt so much more balanced after writing out all of the emotions that were inside me.

Can you tell us a funny, sad or surprising anecdote from your life as an artist? (you can tell us anything you want)

The surprising moment was when I got for a first time a present from a fan. Once during my performance I got beautiful flower and a good bottle of wine :) So sweet.