We spoke to Naomi Gunther, the creative force behind the eponymous brand GUNTHER, which has been presenting what can be described as effortless chic for several seasons. Naomi's goal when creating her brand in Paris in 2019 was to merge different styles, creating a mix that redefines the boundaries between luxury and street style.
It was also important for Naomi Gunther to produce directly in Paris, the capital of fashion, so that all collections are always ethical and sustainable. Since 2019, the brand has been presenting collections that incorporate French fashion know-how while capturing the essence of Paris and translating it into garments.

With Copypaste! Naomi spoke about the inspiration behind the "Walk Of Fame" Spring/Summer 2024 collection, the production process and the importance of creating fashion in an ethical and sustainable way while incorporating French fashion know-how.

photos by @olga.gasnier text/interview by @martinmanuelry

How would you describe the essence of GUNTHER?

Particularly attentive to textures, colors, and energies surrounding Paris or while traveling, I champion an effortless chic style in all circumstances, timeless and remarkable, with refined materials and ancestral craftsmanship.
In January 2019, I founded GUNTHER, a Parisian luxury-contemporary clothing brand. The mission: to offer a wardrobe at the crossroads of worlds - a hybrid aesthetic that brings together pieces inspired by streetwear and reinvented traditional classics. A timeless wardrobe that combines the contemporaneity of urban culture with classic sartorial inspiration inspired by the art of traveling. Made in France, crafted in Parisian workshops, the brand strives for a committed, ethical fashion, placing the environment at the center of its concerns

What inspired you for the creation of the garments of the Spring-Summer collection “Walk Of Fame?”

For "Walk Of Fame", I once again shared my attachment to the United States. This collection is a bold fusion of the bohemian spirit of Venice Beach surfers, the urban chic of Los Angeles, the adventure of nature parks and the electrifying energy of Las Vegas. For "Walk Of Fame", I embodied the perfect fusion of urban chic, laid-back spirit and bold extravagance that characterize the Californian aesthetic.

Can you tell us something about the collaboration with Diana Dubuque that is part of the collection?

For this collection we chose to collaborate with Diana Dubuque because we love her hand work and her creativity. For this collaboration, she has designed two unique hats featuring typical American desert landscapes including the GUNTHER aesthetic in them.

How important is the savoir-faire français for your brand?

We are committed to matching our production with demand and minimizing overstock and waste. For this reason, we ensure that most of our collection is sold and produced on order. We also strive to reuse our raw materials across collections to give them a second life. Our collections are designed and manufactured in our workshops in Paris, through a short supply chain, with passionate artisans (jewelers, painters, seamstresses...) working by hand and in limited series.
Our approach to garment making lies halfway between ready-to-wear and haute couture, with original and timeless designs, comfortable cuts, and fabrics.

GUNTHER is often merging fashion with other medias such as music. What is the idea behind working with different medias and doing collaborations with artists outside fashion for you?

Inspired by art, music, and travel, our goal is to create an interdisciplinary community that serves as a source of inspiration and a territory of expression, allowing us to explore new horizons and bring a fresh perspective to our creations.
This is why several times a year, we invite artists from various fields to come and express themselves, collaborate with us on new creations, and help us rethink our daily practices. The construction of a creative ecosystem beyond clothing is an essential component of the brand, a means of sharing new experiences, exploring new territories of expression, and supporting creation in all its forms.