13/04/2021 INTERVIEW


Norwegian singers and songwriters Iris and Skaar teamed up for a witchy duet produced by Askjell Solstrand with a music video inspired by 80’s and 90’s horror movies in which the two singers are hunting down the pizza delivery boy and putting a voodoo spell on him. In a conversation with Copypaste, Iris and Skaar talked about the idea behind the horror elements of their music video, what they are scared of and their favourite horror movies.@iris_caltwait @skaarofficial

Voodoo Voodoo is dark, witchy and paired with a little bit of black humour. What inspired both of you to write this song and what was the creative process of writing this song together as a duet?

The inspiration for this song was the production bit that askjell started on, it had this voodoo/witchy-vibe if that makes sense? so the voodoo-voodoo part was the first thing that we came up with, and then we completely disappeared into another dimension of witchcraft and dark magic, finding the right words and melodies. it was all just a very organic and fun process.

The music video is quite dark, a bit gore and seems a little bit like a retro horror movie. What was the idea and inspiration behind the video?

For the video we just talked a lot about old horror movies, and also those black and white german expressionism movies  - we wanted the video to feel absurd and as fun as it was for us when we wrote it. At the same time as we wanted it to somehow be empowering and also a kick in the face to historical views on women and sexuality and power. Mostly fun, but of course its always fun to kick the history of discrimination in the face.

What are some of your favourite horror movies?

Iris: i personally don’t really like horror movies. But i do have a few ones that i’ve watched so many times because i guess i like adrenaline. The strangers, the conjuring, silent hill (lol) and all of the scream movies (lollll)

Skaar: I used to LOVE horror movies, but I haven’t been watching a lot of movies the past year. But my favorite horror movie when I was younger was «Sinister»! Really creepy, weird and almost made me pee my pants :))

What is the one thing that you are the most scared of?

iris: I have anxiety so literally anything and anyone :D

skaar: Snakes and candy :)

The song Voodoo Voodoo is basically about putting a spell on someone. Who would you put a spell on if you could and what kind of spell would it be?

iris: i would turn meryl streep into a mermaid because she deserves it.

skaar: I would put a spell on my boyfriend to make him like scifi movies :)

What influence has this time of crisis with all the lockdowns on you and your creative work? Do you feel like it is a difficult time to be creative or does the current situation gives you time to take a break from your busy life and be focused on your creative work?

iris: it has been totally draining, but after feeling completely empty, there was a lot of time and space to find new ways, new friends to work with and inspiration to create more. so both yes and no? Looking back at it now it feels like the most productive and intense year of my life, and being inspired all the time isn’t possible anyways. It will always come in waves, it was just a different kind of bumpy ride this time, if that makes sense.

skaar: Exactly what Iris said!!