"I learned to be on my own." Paris based model Jonathan Hayden who is signed by agencies such as Elite about how the lockdown made him realize the importance of self-care and about his new found passion for cinema.

What changed for you during the lockdown in a good and in a bad way?

I’ve been able to improve my cooking skills - I kind of had to - and I created a real daily routine.  At first, it was not easy to be alone but I got used to it.  The hardest part was being away from my family and my closed ones.

How important is disconnecting for you? (in terms of taking a break from your busy everyday life but also in terms of disconnecting from social media and taking time for yourself)

I learned to be on my own, and I have started to listen to myself more. Generally, I always put other’s needs before mine. So it’s been a good opportunity to recharge my batteries.

If you were forced to wear a t-shirt with a slogan on it for the first day after the lockdown, what would be the slogan?

Be strong 

What are the three things that inspired you during the lockdown?

I really discovered a passion for cinema. I spent my time to enrich my cinematographic culture. I discovered or re-discovered iconic movies. Two of the most inspiring ones were The Grand Budapest Hotel of Wes Anderson and Psycho of Alfred Hitchcock. I now plan to take acting lessons, I’d loved to orient myself towards cinema in addition to modeling.