15/05/2023 MUSIC


KALIKA just released her first album “Adieu Les Monstres” which serves for the singer as a way to finally say goodbye to the monsters hidden under her bed and to face her demons. Working on the album was kind of a therapy for Kalika. She took all the negativity and transformed it into light as she explains. The result is an ultra fun pop album where you can find deeper meaning and hints of Kalika’s past if you want to. If you don’t want to, you can also just dance along to one of the 14 catchy and perfectly crafted pop songs that all have a raw and experimental side to them. The topics on the album range from empowerment hymns, alcohol addiction, first love to death but the electronic pop sound that is always present. “Adieu Les Monstres” is ending on the optimistic “Fredo”, the metaphorical plaster of the album which serves as a way to finally say goodbye to the monsters and to move on. @kalikamusiqu

//photo by Robin Voisin
// photos by Mathias Adam