07/11/2023 FASHION


KIMHEKIM presented their Spring-Summer 2024 collection ‘Noir et Blanc’ during the Paris Fashion Week in which the designer Kiminte is exploring a captivating fusion of Yin and Yang and fusing the colors black and white to a perfect harmony on the runway. Each piece artfully incorporates playful elements such as ribbons, organza, pearls, hair, and brand labels, illuminating the distinctive essence of KIMHEKIM. 

Drawing inspiration from vintage couture, the collection boasts tailored silhouettes with jackets and shirts that gracefully accentuate the waist. Puff sleeves add a touch of glamour, while experimental dresses skillfully combine contrasting materials like chains and bows, resulting in unexpected beauty.

The collection also features tuxedo pieces adorned with pearls, reflecting the brand's dedication to handcrafting. A unique dress composed of labels serves as a symbol of self-love. To complete the collection, KIMHEKIM reinvents activewear with polka dot embroidery lace.

KIMHEKIM's collaboration with ASICS introduces experimental sneakers that prioritize both style and comfort. Additionally, the brand pays meticulous attention to maroquineries with the introduction of the 'Heebo' bag series, inspired by the bearer of good news.
// @maison_kimhekim

runway photos by luca stopini