27/01/2023 FASHION


The Korean Ministry of Culture and the KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency) is hosting a 100% virtual fashion festival presenting 20 brands and retail platforms to the public. With an virtual avatar you can discover the different showrooms and online presentations of the different K-Designers and retail platforms. The metaverse offers lookbooks, a space to try on the clothing virtually and you can also buy the pieces. You can be part of the festival on www.kmff2022.com and discover the following brands:

BEMUET(TE) @bmuette

BESFXXK @besfxxk_fashion_official

BEYOND CLOSET @beyondcloset

BONBOM @__bonbom

CEEANN @ceeann_official

C-ZANNE @czanne_official

DEW E DEW E @dewe.dewe_official

DOUCAN @doucan_official

EENK @eenk_official

GREEDILOUS @greedilous_official

KICHÉLEEHÉ @kicheleehe

LIE @liecollection_

OPEN PLAN @openplanstyle

SEOKWOON YOON @seokwoonyoon

SETSETSET @setsetset_official

THE STUDIO K @thestudiok_official

UL:KIN @ulkin_official

WNDERKAMMER @wnderkammer_official

YUGADANG @yugadang