KidSuper presented their spectacular Spring Summer 2025 collection with a very special performance at the Trianon Theatre in Paris during the Men's Paris Fashion Week. The collection blurred the lines between fashion, theatre and circus, asking the question: are we really in charge of our lives, or is there an invisible force pulling us along invisible strings? And if so, who is this invisible force pulling these strings and how can we regain the power over our lives and our choices? The models were literally guided by giant hands and attached to strings like puppets following the instructions of the puppeteer. The garments blend a variety of different materials, patterns and silhouettes, referencing the theme of this year's show. "I've never been given good advice by someone who doesn't take risks," explains Colm Dillane the creative force behind the brand, and with this show, KidSuper once again underlines that they are not afraid to take risks in terms of the collection and the catwalk show, which is always one of the highlights of Paris Fashion Week. // photography by Giovanni Mocchetti text by @martinmanuelry