20/09/ 2021 


by Augustin Bougro

And just like that, the queen of TikTok played as queen in “Night of The Kings”, the new film directed by Philippe Lacôte. Ivorian artist, feminist, activist… And now actress. She’s only 25 years old, but Laetitia Ky just landed her first role in the new film directed by Philippe Lacôte : "Night of The Kings". The millenial, who has been sculpting her hair for several years on social networks, plays the role of a queen. A strong character, just like her. For Copypaste Magazine, she explains how much her first role on screen was important for her and for the visibility of black women in the cinema industry. Fotos: JHR FILMS

What was your reaction when you were offered your first movie role?

I've always been interested in cinema, but I didn't necessarily know how, where or when I was going to start. Cinema in Côté d’Ivoire is unfortunately not very advanced and not all directors are serious! When the film's casting director contacted me via facebook, I did a lot of research to make sure I was dealing with a director who produced quality content. I already had a positive image on social networks, thanks to my art, so I had to get involved in an interesting project that suited me. My research on the director convinced me and I went to meet them. I was not the only actress approached for the role and before the confirmation there was a long period of work and training. When I received the confirmation, it was a lot of emotions and joy! I worked hard!

How did this first cinema experience go? What is your best memory on set?

It was magical. I had the chance to have some training which taught me a lot of things, I met great people, and it made me realize that I was really made for this! There was a lot of laughter and a good atmosphere all along this adventure. One thing that particularly marked me during the filming were the 4-meter high platforms we wore whilst playing "my brother" and me. A little dizzy at first, but I adapted quickly!

In this movie, you play a strong and powerful woman. Do you recognize yourself in this character?

I recognize myself in the character especially visually. I am a huge fan of fashion, art, dance and the character of the queen in all these aspects. A beautiful dress, a pretty hairstyle, her gestures are choreographed, almost like a dance. It made it really easy for me to feel comfortable with the role!

As an artist and activist, you are known for sculpting your hair on social media and getting strong messages across. Were you able to choose your own hairstyles for this movie?

Yes ! The creation of the character was a great collaboration between Philippe and me. I did my hair myself during the shoot! And I had suggested 3 or 4 hairstyles before we chose the one you see in the movie.

Do you think this role is important to increase visibility for black women in the cinema industry?

The representation of black women in French-speaking cinema is generally full of stereotypes! This role is full of originality, poetry, strength and I think it was a nice representation not only for the mystical universe that we have in Ivory Coast but also for the black woman who has a lot of power.

Do you plan to continue in this profession? If so, what would you like to bring in future movies?

Oh yes ! Before this film I already wanted to work in the industry! This only reaffirmed my commitment to it! Besides, I'm working on my second "disco boy" project by director Giacomo Abbruzzese. I would like to bring a part of me to both French and English-speaking cinema. Whether it is through my art or my energy, I am ready to use all my assets to embody my future roles successfully!

“Night of The Kings” by Phillipe Lacôte, in theaters September 8, 2021.