In Conversation with: LAUV. In an exclusive interview, the singer revealed how loneliness and isolation affects him and his work and how he manages to stay sane in such difficult times

How are you spending the current lockdown and what are the challenges you are facing at the moment as a musician?

I am actually trying to focus as much as I can on making new music which has been really productive and I am having a lot of fun doing that. I am trying not to focus on the obvious negatives of isolation. I am talking a lot more with my family since the lockdown which is amazing, working on my foundation ( which I am proud of, and finally something that is really helping me right now is consistently meditating and focusing on a positive mindset.

Several of your songs are dealing with loneliness (Modern Loneliness, fuck, I'm lonely, lonely eyes...). What are the moments you feel the most lonely in your life and how are you facing them?

I feel super lonely when I’m having fun with people and then I am totally alone again that always messes me up. Every time I am in a low mood or when I am feeling sad I am ending up feeling lonely. I think anytime I don’t really have a lot of stuff to do I am feeling lonely. I don’t know if that is good but that is just the reality.

If you could choose 3 other musicians to spend the lockdown with, who would it be and why?

I would say Kevin Abstract because he is super interesting and talented. Troye Sivan who is also incredibly talented, super sweet, and a good person and a good friend. I would also say Drake so I could learn how to be that fucking great.

What are the activities you are pursuing to keep you sane and happy during the current lockdown?

Creating a lot of new music. Also with some friends, we took a little trip together. We got an Airbnb in Joshua Tree which was a nice little escape with a pool in which we swam a lot. Also meditating, which is really helping me, watching shows, doing research on the things that are interesting to me, and talking to the people that I care about.