31/01/2021 Interview


“I’d still be writing and creating music even if the world was burning.” Electro pop singer Luke Markinson who was already featured on Charli XCX’s Playlist about his new double single “Out The Bed” and “Hardcore Miserable”, his current state of mind and the inspiration behind his music.
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Your two new songs are called « Out The Bed » and « Hardcore Miserable »? Are they reflecting your recent or current state of mind?

Yes! These songs reflect on a relationship in which I felt super insecure and anxious at times. Actually through writing these songs, I was able to become introspective and come to terms with a recent breakup, despite loving someone very much. Even though it’s easier to dream about a time in which you were happier, you have to literally force yourself out of bed to gain agency and find yourself again.

What exactly inspired you to write the lyrics to those two songs?

Being really sad haha. Writing for me has always been such a helpful way to cope and understand my feelings. For this project in particular, reflecting on my anxiety, feelings of low-self worth, and how your phone can cause so much distress really inspired me. Also, just how past memories can completely overcome your psyche really inspired the lyrics.

Do you think it is a difficult time to release music as a young artist at the moment due to all restrictions and lockdowns or do you have the feeling that it doesn’t affect you and your work that much?

It’s definitely difficult to release music now in the sense that all independent musicians seem to be grinding out songs and releasing them, which I guess creates more “competition”. But also, with COVID-19 restrictions, I think more people are using their phones and consuming content, which helps. It’s honestly hard to say, but I don’t think it personally affects me that much. I’d still be writing and creating music even if the world was burning.

What is your opinion about artists doing concerts via live stream? Did you play via live stream already? Do you miss the possibility to sing in front of real people?

I think some artists are really making livestreams work and some aren’t. Livestreams can be cool because you can play with visual effects a bit more, but I don’t think anything beats being surrounded by real people and seeing your favorite artist dance around a stage. I played a set for Subculture Party in November which was super fun. But I hope I can do live shows at some point when I grow and real-life concerts start up again.

Can you recommend us any good pop albums that you like to listen to at the moment?

Yes! I’ve been obsessed with ELIO’S new project Can You Hear Me Now?, T roye Sivan’s EP In A Dream, That Kid’s Crush, and 2000AND4EVA by Bree Runway.

Is there anything you want to add?

I mean shameless plug but follow me on socials and stream my music! If you read this whole interview, I love you very much and am so grateful for your support!