10/01/2021 INTERVIEW

In Conversation with: METTESON

Metteson is creating perfectly crafted electro-pop while adding theatrical elements, boldness and glamour to it. In his own words, his music is best enjoyed "Riding your mother's cabriolet, on top of a hill or lying in bed with your headphones on, feeling sorry for yourself." His new single "Forever" was just released and proves once more his talent to create pop songs with ultra-sharp production and song writing. With Copypaste, the electro-pop sensation discussed his music, the difficulties of loving someone and the challanges he was facing this year as a young and upcoming music artist.

(@mettesonmusic // photos by @_xinli_)

How would you describe the quintessence of your music and how would you introduce it to others?

Metteson is bold pop music with a melancholic nerve. I really, really want to make people dance and sing along, but I also try to keep a raw element in my music, to grab a hold of people, sort of stop them in their tracks. So, dramatic as well, perhaps overwhelming at times, which I enjoy. Chorus centred pop music like mine can become generic - that balance of not overproducing, keeping the feelings of the lyrics intact, the initial ideas of the first sketches - I find that so interesting! Can I be the lovechild of Eurythmics, Frank Ocean and Christine and The Queens? I’d love that.

Your new single is called « Harder » and talks about how difficult love can be sometimes. What is the hardest part about loving someone for you and what makes loving difficult sometimes?

Love is THE WORST. Hehe, no I’m kidding. The most difficult things with relationships for me is the expectations I build in my head, the idea of it, not being able to see or enjoy the relationship as it is. I also really, really love getting to know people, but find it harder to fall in love, so that’s a bummer. But I don’t think I’m special at all in that way - I just choose to make songs out of some experiences and thoughts, and I hope the songs are somewhat special.

You said it didn’t took you a long time to come up with the lyrics of « Harder ». What was the process behind creating the song and what inspired you to create the song?

I was just walking outside and I had decided to create something powerful. The word “harder” popped up in my mind, and i kept repeating it, “Harder, harder” - and then I had to run back to the apartment to record the song, it just pored out of me, really. It came easily that day, but songs like that come seldom to me, and when they do It’s really a result of days and weeks of my brain chewing on something in the back of my mind I think, unnoticeable.

What were and what are the challenges you are facing as a young and upcoming artist during times of crisis like now and due to the lockdowns and restrictions?

I think my strongest suit is playing my music live. I have a great band, and I just love dancing around on stage, to make a little spectacle for people. That unfortunately is not an easy thing to put on these days. Fortunately I have had the chance to play a little bit, and I have several gigs planned closer to the summer, that I hope will be possible to go through with.

2020 was nothing like I expected, but we can all say that, right? I have never felt sorry for myself, but it was of course hard to see projects and plans that’s been in planning for years crumble into nothing. I have a music video for example, made by some extremely talented friends of mine, that sort of flew into the dark in the beginning of March. Fortunately, internet exist, and people can discover these things later. It’s also been fantastic connecting to people on instagram for example. I didn’t think it was possible to make a proper connection via social media, but I’m reevaluating that after this lock down.

Your sound seems influenced by the 80’s merged with electronic music. What about the 80’s do you like in terms of lifestyle and music? Would you enjoy living in the 80’s?

I would not like to live in the 80’s at all, but yeah, I do like the grandeur of the 80’s. I think the referanse to that decade just comes natural to me as I’m a sucker for theatricalities and big choruses, and I have naturally fluffy hair, so people assume I’m a fan, hehe. I’m very influenced by the swedes I grew up with, ABBA, and Robyn that I fall back in love with with every music release. So there’s a lot of synth in my blood I guess.

You are also a stage actor who played in theaters such as DNS in Bergen and Nationaltheatret in Oslo. What do you enjoy about acting and how do you feel compared to when singing?

It’s two very different experiences. The first time I sang onstage as Metteson 9 months ago I felt completely lost. I’m so used to being a character on stage, and Metteson is just me, times 8 with an extra layer of glitter eye shadow. But I’ve really grown into it, and now I feel so free on stage, and the contact with the audience is also a lot more direct than in the theatre, where you tend to create more of a bubble. Both is a lot of fun, and I hope that one thing can feed the other, and that I’ll be better for it.

What are your next projects? Do you have an album or an EP planned?

On december 11 I’m actually releasing a single called Forever. A true baby of mine. And yeah, It’s love again, but a more mature song I guess, reflecting on life and relationships. I hope it will find its way to people and give some comfort this winter. It’s sad, but comforting. Nestled between melancholy and hope. Perfect for December. And yeah, the EP is brewing and should be ready this spring. I’ve made it with my partner in crime Vetle Junker (Aurora, Softcore Untd.) and I am so proud of it. But I’m mostly looking forward to playing live, and I dream of taking my bad out of Norway this summer or fall, depending on the situation.

Is there anything you want to add?

Yeah - keep dancing! I’ve found that even though I can’t go out dancing - which is my favourite, favourite thing to do - It helps dancing in the living room. It’s a reminder of things to come, and the joints need lubrication people, so blast out to your dance floor favourite and go for it.