Singer, songwriter, and producer Moyka is creating perfectly crafted electro pop inviting us to dance the pain of break-up away rather than to sit in our rooms and cry. In an exclusive interview, the next most anticipated scandi-pop singer explains the process behind creating her new EP "Spaces".(Photos by Isak Okkenhaug)

How would you describe the essence of your new EP « Spaces » and how does it feel to have finally released it?

I would describe the essence of this EP to be about heartbreak and letting go of someone, lyrically. Production-wise I would say it’s more bright than anything I’ve done before which feels very right this time. When we made these songs and put them together I always pictured the light of the sunset. When it’s golden orange and you’re walking home or sitting by your window alone. I feel a bit nervous and excited now that it’s out. I’m very sad that I don’t get the chance to sing and dance to these songs together with people this summer, but I hope my songs still can mean something special to someone in these insane, but important times we’re in. It meant a lot for me to write them.

Your music is very synth-driven. What do you like about electronic music and how does it help you to express your artistic vision and to create a universe for each of your songs?

Electronic music inspires me a lot because I feel like it’s this unique place where you can be yourself. I associate a lot of freedom with it in the sense of dancing freely on the dance floor, to loving who you love, to being honest, to create close friendships, to create deep connections and to get completely lost inside it. It’s a dream of mine to create something that can make someone feel that way too - That the music kind of understands you or fits perfectly to your life. When I released the singles for this EP I got some messages from people telling me that they were in the same situations as I had been through - and I realised that it’s important to create music that reflects certain moments in your life and it made me feel more free and hopeful.

As a singer who is a producer at the same time, how important is the process of creating your own music in terms of songwriting and production for you and to have control over all those aspects instead of letting other people write and produce your music?

I feel weird when it’s expected of me not to have anything to do with the production. I want to be a part of what happens in there musically, I don’t just want to be a part that can be replaced. I want to touch the songs myself and to put my love into it. I love to work with people who understands that and makes room for that. When I get to dive into all of that, doesn’t matter if it’s alone or together with someone, that’s when I feel like it makes sense to make music to me.

What are some of the artists that inspired you, your music and your new EP the most?

That’s a really good question. I listened to a lot of stuff, but the things that inspired me the most was things I could really relate to like artists such as Lykke Li who writes a lot about love relations, Vampire Weekend that I’ve always been very inspired by lyrically. I love how they make twists on situations to make them apply to many different situations. I listened a lot to club music either without or with only little bit vocal such as Kiasmos, Peggy Gou, Rival Consoles, Daft Punk and Kelly Lee Owens.