"This lockdown has felt like a lot of things."The genre-defying electro-pop duo SOFI TUKKER who already performed their Grammy-nominated songs about empowerment at shows such as The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and X-Factor about how they spend their lockdown, disconnecting and creativity. Their new single "House Arrest" feat. Gorgon City with the ironically perfect title for an isolation is out now.

Did this lockdown feel like a house arrest for you or more like taking a break?

This lockdown has felt like a lot of things. It goes in waves but we are definitely very privileged to be taking advantage of this time while we continue to grow and create, just without the travel. It totally is a break from jet lag. The part that feels like house arrest is not being able to hug or be with all our families and friends.

How important is taking a break and disconnect (from life and social media) for you and for finding new inspiration? 

We are both really different in this regard. I (Sophie) am more of an introspective introvert. I get a lot of energy from being alone and I need silence and time away from my phone to feel my best. Last year, I took ten days to do a silent meditation retreat and the best part of it was probably being away from the noise of my phone. But Tuck loves being surrounded by people all the time. We get inspiration from everywhere but a lot of it has to do with our travel and our interactions with people around the world.

If you could choose three other music artists to spend the lockdown with, who would it be and why?

LP Giobbi. she's our best friend and we miss her so much. She's a joy.  Stromae. It would be amazing to learn from him and be around such a legend.  Bomba Estereo. They're good friends of ours too and we just vibe so well together, musically and personally we share a lot of the same values. Nora en Pure. Also a good friend, and we're such huge fans of her music.  Also Mahmut Orhan.... gosh, we could keep going. We want to be on lockdown with so many artists!

What three songs were on your playlist during the lockdown?