02/07/2021 MUSIC


Tomine Berge, aka ur Monarch is ready to take her sad-pop jams to the world. The Norvegian singer and songwriter talked with COPYPASTE! about her music, producing in a bunker in Copenhagen and her hot girl summer playlist. @urmonarch // Photography by Øystein Haara

Who are you and how would you describe your music?

Hehe this question has become my biggest fear! But i'm ur monarch. I guess I would describe my music as fun and low-key, but with a serious undertone? my first EP is about how shitty i've been feeling for the last two-ish years, but it's kind of hidden in for example 'human garbage disposal plant'. It's still there though, if you look for it.

How did it feel to record your song "moulaga" in a studio bunker in Copenhagen?

It felt very chill! I had already spent some time in CPH before that session and I started to feel kind of at home? I had my daily routine and it was sunny and just overall very calm. So i went to the studio/bunker with producer Malthe Seierup and 'moulaga' came about so easily. We spent about three hours in total, just writing the lyrics and wrapping up the production. I was really happy at that time - it was right before covid hit us so hard. That's maybe why 'moulaga' is one of my favorite songs so far.

What were the biggest challenges for you as a young and upcoming artist until now?

For me, I think just settling on stuff in general has been very challenging. It's hard to build a branding and choose the direction of the 'ur monarch' project when I change my mind all the time. Things i loved a month ago i might hate now, and vice versa. I've released my first two songs during the pandemic and only played one concert in front of actual people, so that has also been very weird. When writing music I get inspired by new experiences and meeting new people, none of which has happened a lot during covid. Luckily i have an amazing team behind me, backing me and helping me, so even though there are some challenges there sure is a lot of fun stuff going on.

When did you figure out what you want your music to sound like and what was the process behind figuring this out?

For me, the process of finding my own sound was to do a lot of sessions and make a bunch of songs. Back then - I think it's a little over two years ago now - I was influenced a lot by certain artists, but as I got to make more songs and write more, I discovered my own style pretty early. I feel like my style in music is constantly changing, but I believe there are some core elements in my songs that make them fit together nicely.

Can you recommend 3 songs to put on our playlist for the summer?

For the _ultimate_ hot girl summer I would recommend 'butter' by BTS, 'solar power' by Lorde and 'je suis fan' by Alice et Moi. ....and also 'moulaga' by me >:) ur monarch out!